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On the side of SME - what?

Am I the ONLY person who gives props to Changmin and Yunho? Am I the only person who's behind SME?
Flist - tell me, tell me, te-te-te-tell me....
I actually find everyones reactions HILAROUS!

"I'm shaking and crying" "I'm crying so hard I can't see" "FK you SM!"

LMAO. Keep it up guys.. you're making my day brighter... since you know, THE WORLD WILL END IF DBSK BREAK UP ZOMG.
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Happy Birthday Nichkhun BB <33

There's music in the sighing of a reed;
There's music in the gushing of a rill;
There's music in all things, if men had ears:
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.

~Lord Byron

Nichkhun, bb -

You have been an inspiration to many people and your music has touched many souls.
Keep confident and always smile.
Remember all dreams can come true and always keep hope for the future.
Just be the beautiful person that you are and your life will be enriched with friendship, happiness, and love.
You're an awesome person, and I love ya, BB <3


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Can anyone tell me why this is made of win? If you can, I'll give you a cookie XD

This made me laugh so hard I almost tinkled on myself *dies*

Also! I'll be responding to all comments and f-posts tomorrow ^_^

*loves on you all*
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Okay f-list! I'm going to be ordering from this website, if you'd like to join in ^O^

The prices are amazing! We'll split the shipping and transport fees evenly!

Also, while looking, make sure you set it to "oversees shipping item" ^^

I can give you my ebay name if you don't trust me... but zomg, why wouldn't you? ;o;

So! Just post here (all replies screened) or send me a message :D

I take paypal and USPS money orders (or cash, but thats really at your own risk :x)
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The BIG 100 Questions Survey of Johnny's Entertainment

Okay, so like... I saw this today while I was browsing LJ and like... really wanted to fill it out XD It took me like... two hours to finish XDD

Even though I've only really been listening to JE groups for like.. a month or so, I know enough about these groups to make sound answers XD Well... all except Kanjani8, but I answered w/ what I know about them ^^v

Also, to those who care, I'll be on AIM around 9:00pm (once again XD) tomorrow(est) if you'd like to chat. It's been so long ya'll ;O; I MISS YOU GUYS!!

ALSO~! I have another MEME post coming like....a few minutes after this one XD... SO BEWARE XDD -was tagged-

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I'm gonna tag ppl XD


It doesn't say to, but yeah...

I tag: martaeruroraito - jin_no_yume - ainekaikan - zenfu - kwonluver

Okay, so ya'll have to do this XDD <3

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Forever" - A Ballob Drabble

The sun slowly faded as night began to descend upon the world. The ocean was burning it seemed, as the suns setting light turned the blue see into a mirage of oranges, reds, and yellow. A few lone seagulls spoke amongst each other as they settled for the night.
A light breeze flowed through black hair as a pair of brown eyes scanned the scene before her. A small hand with slender fingers came up to brush a few stray strands from her face then went back to it's previous position beneath a much larger hand. "It's beautiful." Bob said as she looked to the person beside of her; a small smile forming on her face. "Hn." was the only response from the man to her right, Eric Mun. It was quite hard to believe that not long ago, this person she was with, was nothing but a face on her wall. He was someone who could not be touched, but now, she was touching him. He was someone who could not be kissed, but she could kiss him. He was someone she thought she hated, but it turned out to be the exact opposite.

So lost in her thoughts, Bob didn't notice that Eric had moved from her side to stand behind her. He placed his hands on the railing and leaned into the small frame in front of him. A smile flitted across his god-like features and he moved his mouth to the females ear, "But not nearly as beautiful as you." he murmured as his arms came to wrap around her, pulling the smaller body against his much larger one. "Lets stay like this always, okay? Because I love you and I never want to let you go." Bob smiled and brought her arms up, covering Eric's. If she didn't know better, she'd have swore she was floating on air. Slowly, Bob turned in Eric's arms to stare up at him. "I'd like that.." she started, as her arms moved to circle around Eric's neck. "...because I never want to let you go." one more small smile, then her lips were covered by those of the man before her.

Now and forever, their love would remain.

The End
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I'm selling some of my old DVD's that I am probably never gonna watch again. ALL DVD's are in excellent condition and only watched once, save for a couple anime's.

The boxes of a couple DVD's are worn around the edges, prices will reflect this.

Moved this here because the Mods at GSJ said no bootlegs, oh well.


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